La Medusa

Animation December 2018

'La Medusa' is a concept work for a train and station design, modelled in Maya and Houdini and rendered using Arnold for Maya.

  • Date - December 2018
  • Created by - Tim Bentley

La Guardia Vieja

Image from Switch

The film draws on South American music, both in the guitar accompaniment and the visual style of the models. Inspired by the forms and shapes of Argentinian Tango, it suggests a future which is more supple, elegant yet ultimately more menacing than the sharp angles of modernity.

Movimientos Experimentales

The architecture of Buenos Aires is not easy to pin down, from a distance its similarity to the architecture of certain European cities is striking, and the colonial past appears to blend seamlessly with the boom periods of the 20th century. The visual cues are predominately taken from the first half of the 20th century, having been struck by a number of buildings which were typical of the shapes and styles of the deco movement without the rigid formalism which accompanied its emergence in Europe. In addition the comparitively simple stylistic elements - bold, hard-angeled shapes combined with the elegant curves incorporate into the train

Image from Switch